Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Implement Machine Learning models at scale

Run Machine Learning workloads anywhere, safely, quickly and efficiently.

ML Trained Models

We implement Machine Learning in an agile and responsible way through trained models from Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Customized solutions

We offer a data modeling and algorithm development service to run predictive models that seek to detect fraud, forecast demands, target ads, among other needs of your business.

Operationalize at scale

All of our ML projects, from local models, at the edge and in multi-cloud environments, use MLOps. We work with pipelines to automate workflows for CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) and constant monitoring of performance metrics. Thereby, it is possible to implement and replicate ML models quickly.

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Use cases

We transform applications and devices into smarter solutions

Voice Chatbots

Voice Chatbots

Humanized interactions with data modeling through chatbots. It is possible to apply adaptive responses, which are outside the standard yes and no, with real-time recognition of the customer's voice.

GPU Overload

GPU Overload

Advanced features to optimize Machine Learning solutions with a focus on performance with images.

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions

Text and image extraction for OCR, with image recognition and detection and information/text extraction from images.

Text Type Recognition

Text Type Recognition

Extraction of information about documents in different formats (csv, txt, pdf, for example) for identification and analysis of the company's context.

Store Stock Prediction

Store Stock Prediction

Stock control is carried out through video. Find out about your last days of sales, what is the best price to use and when your stock will run low.

Traffic Patterns and Insights

Traffic Patterns and Insight

Recognition of truck displacement patterns, seeking to optimize routes and prevent fraud.

Content Classification

Content Classification

We automatically classify content in different formats, such as videos, books, PDF files and audios, for example.

Engineering Models

Engineering Models

Optimization of the hyperparameters of your production line, estimating the recovery potential of circuits, for example, of flotation of this production.

We go further

Accelerate Machine Learning adoption



Automate simple processes with the help of Machine Learning and let your employees focus on more strategic actions.

Multicloud expertise

We deliver solutions from the leading cloud providers on the market. Have the most advanced technologies from Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud in favor of your business.

Data Science

We have a specialized and integrated team in the widest areas of Data Science, which delivers advanced solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, Machile Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and MLOps.

Predictive analytics

With the support of the latest technologies, it is possible to analyze a large volume of data to understand patterns and predict future situations.

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