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Data Governance

Data Governance

A complete assessment of your organization's information maturity

Through Data Governance, we deliver a consultancy for your company to manage, in an even more effective way, the knowledge of information in your data, classify them and take actions with our technology

Complete evaluation

We deliver an assessment of your company’s maturity, evaluating Business Intelligence, Data Visualization & Analytics initiatives, for example. Thereby we identify opportunities and raise the level of data use at a strategic level, reducing operating costs and rationalizing new investments.


Our methodology is based on understanding a 7 dimensions criteria. They are: strategy, processes, organization, people, data, information and architecture. All aligned to our 360º model of maturity in order to find the problems and opportunities of the data.


Where we collect important data to define priorities in the project roadmap. Evaluating area by area the problems your company has regarding data.


Important process to legitimize the problem of fragmentation and data silos. Here we guide the construction of your company’s data architecture, deriving its informational context.

Future scenario

By extracting all data, which have the highest level of accuracy, we define the roles and responsibilities of Data Governance to legitimize its need, covering problems and gaps we identified in interviews with your team.


After all these steps, we started to design our deliverable project, which will effectively implement this transformation. Your company receives the scope of the project, with its deadlines and investment required.

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We go further

Efficient data governance that fits your business


Flexible data governance strategy

We’re able to adopt a data strategy tailored to your company’s goals, in a personalized way.

More efficient processes

With data cataloging, we make all processes (asset curation, metadata collection, etc.) more efficient.

Compliance with GDPR

This ensures a safer project. Your investments comply with all aspects of data protection and privacy.

Privacy & Protection

We deliver important data for you to assess its value and risk, protection of personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) and much more.

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We were one of the first Microsoft partners in Latin America to receive an Advanced Specialization on Analytics

Advanced Specialization is a certification focused on the organization, and aims to demonstrate the experience, success and partnership with Microsoft in specific workloads.

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