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Known as cloud native applications, or cloud native, it’s an effective way to optimize and integrate applications that users want, at their own pace, as your business needs. The practices are usually based on 4 characteristics: microservices, containers, Continuous Delivery and DevOps


It is the practice of all 4 features of the applications together with Cloud Hybrid. A technique that inspires change in order to create applications faster.


New ideas emerge and both market and customers want them faster. A space with native cloud applications is ready to transform your business, with new technologies and concepts conceived in community.


  • Microservices: smaller services that can work independently on them.
  • Containers: providers of high accessibility and portability among the services they contain.
  • Continuous Delivery: complete optimization of the application creation cycle, which reduces time and cost, increasing scalability according to the size of the project.
  • DevOps: its practices aim to maximize collaboration between developers and the IT team, creating greater efficiency and enabling more consistent processes.

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Our story, from Kumulus, is essentially cloud native. We were born in the cloud and focused on bringing the best solutions for your digital transformation.

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We understand that each project is unique. You don’t always have to start with microservices as part of native cloud applications. We deliver workflows designed for integration and 100% automated deployment, as you need it.

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