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Big data

Business and data: a collaborative, real-time and immersive experience

From surveying needs, designing the architecture and creating, implementing and managing your solution, we help your business ensure better use of data, more relevance and competitiveness in the market.


We seek to understand the objectives and desired results, so we work on mapping existing data sources and potential use cases, in addition to evaluating the technologies needed to support the project objectives.


Our work includes, in addition to the implementation and configuration of Big Data technology components, the development of data models, data processing and management of the entire pipeline, in addition to data integration, verification, testing and creation of visuals based on the models presented.


We operate on a 24×7 scale in monitoring and reactive and proactive performance, working on optimizing Big Data systems, continuous improvement in data loading and ingestion processes with a focus on management, performance and safety.

Leading global companies trust our work in Big Data & Modern Data Warehouses

We go further

The Kumulus way of operating has already impacted hundreds of organizations to obtain surprising results

We are cloud experts. That’s why we use the power of the cloud to bring big data projects to life quickly, ensuring the agility today’s organizations need.

Proofs of concept

We validate all possible use cases, developing prototypes before making significant investments in projects that are aligned with your organization’s goal.


The definition of architecture and technology stack will be based on your business needs, enabling the delivery of results in a fast and scalable way.

We are agile

We use agile methodologies from start to finish of our data projects, ensuring the speed your business needs Through the use of well-defined sprints, we bring data products to life objective way.

Impact analysis and visuals

We use Power BI as the main tool for creating and providing dashboards, bringing your data to life.

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We were one of the first Microsoft partners in Latin America to receive an Advanced Specialization on Analytics

Advanced Specialization is a certification focused on the organization, and aims to demonstrate the experience, success and partnership with Microsoft in specific workloads.

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