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Advanced Analytics

Automate everything possible with Artificial Intelligence

Combine Machine Learning and Cognitive Services templates to customize Artificial Intelligence solutions, with scale and speed, to accelerate your results.

AI Trained Models

We implement trained Artificial Intelligence models in your business at the API level, through Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud solutions.

Customized solutions

We develop Artificial Intelligence solutions from scratch, completely customized for your business needs. Unlike trained models, pay only for the creation, there are no monthly payments.

Cognitive services

We use cognitive cloud services to power applications, websites and bots with algorithms so that they see, hear, speak, understand and interpret user needs through natural methods of communication.

Data and Applications

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions deliver advanced analytics and functionality that automate any possible service for your business.

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Use case

Whatever your challange, we can help you overcome it with Artificial Intelligence

By aligning Artificial Intelligence with cognitive services, we can create solutions that reinvent your workflow and technologies. Check out some examples of the AI ​​application that we have already worked on:

NLP & Legal Text

Extracting data from documents (legal and common) and summarizing information.


Search Service

Search engines, within a database, that customize the user experience according to your search pattern.


Medicine & Exams Extractions

With reinforced learning, it is possible to automatically fill in exam forms and recognize words in your medical records.


Facial & Document Recognition

Facial recognition, proof of life and document data extraction. In this way, it’s possible to detect, at a high level, possible fraud.

We go further

Drive the smart reinvention of your workflows and technology



Let AI automate your processes and allow employees to focus on more strategic actions.

Multicloud expertise

We deliver solutions from the leading cloud providers on the market. Have the most advanced technologies from Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud in favor of your business.

Data Science

We have a specialized and integrated team in the widest areas of Data Science, which delivers advanced solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, Machile Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and MLOps.

Predictive analytics

With the support of the latest technologies, it is possible to analyze a large volume of data to understand patterns and predict future situations.

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