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The best engineers on the market working for your company

Get support for the leading database platforms on the market directly from former Microsoft and Oracle engineers and ensure you manage your environment in a flexible, scalable and safe way.

Support & Sustainability

We offer the best in support and support of your data environment, adding several managed services according to the needs of each client. In addition, your company has advanced monitoring of all its services and processes 24 x 7 x 365, through a team of highly qualified professionals in various technical pillars.

Performance Baseline

Performance Baseline is an offering formatted for the purpose of mapping the resource usage and operations of your database servers. Through in-depth analysis of various metrics of performance, you can find evidence of specific problems in your database environment, and avoid future incidents caused by unavailability of physical or logical resources.

Database Health Check

Database Health Check is a differentiated service, which consists of evaluating the integrity of database environments. You will receive detailed recommendations, by priority, of architecture, database configuration and operations based on its current state of health against best practices recommended by manufacturers, in order to improve the efficiency of your environment and the DBA team.

Performance-guaranteed Migration

The performance guarantee migration offer was developed with a focus on migrations from SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL environments. During the delivery of this offer, we will review your current environment and evaluate the best migration strategy for your company, taking into account the variables specific to your environment. After the migration, we adjust settings and operations based on previous analysis to ensure superior performance in your upgraded environment.

Leading global companies trust our Data Managed Services work

We go further

Services focused on performance, security and availability

We design, implement and manage some of the most complex and valuable database environments in Brazil.

Data Expertise

We have extensive experience managing mission-critical database environments for companies in various segments.

Flexible contracts

The flexibility of our contracts allows your company to have exactly what it needs in terms of scope and deadline.

Secure delivery structure

Our structure ensures you have the support you need from start to finish. Your company will have dedicated account and support managers to ensure the best experience possible.

Remote or local assistance

With a team of remote or local DBAs, your company has the flexibility to choose the best performance model from our team.

Dedicated DBA Teams

Designed for companies with the greatest demand for operational support, we provide dedicated engineers as needed.

24×7 Global Support

Our team of engineers works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is prepared to serve global customers with support in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

A strategic partner for data services

Microsoft Partner Network - Gold
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We were one of the first Microsoft partners in Latin America to receive an Advanced Specialization on Analytics

Advanced Specialization is a certification focused on the organization, and aims to demonstrate the experience, success and partnership with Microsoft in specific workloads.

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