Data & Analytics

Business Intelligence


Transform the data your company already has into intelligence for your business

We respond to all current business challenges with innovation to transform your core business, scale new opportunities and balance these two aspects to ensure an intelligent vision of the future.

Definition of KPIs

By defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), we work with the metrics that really make sense for your business.

ETL Processes

We develop extraction, transformation, data loading and house keeping/data cleaning processes.

Data Marts e Data Warehouses

We work in the modeling and design of Data Marts and Data Warehouses using the main on-premises and cloud data platforms.


Transform data into powerful visualizations using Microsoft Power BI and gain insights in the way that makes the most sense for your organization.

Leading global companies trust our Business Intelligence work

We go further

Your data may be the story, but it’s your visuals that tells it

We are experts in Power BI, so we have the ability to bring to life extremely powerful visions that tell fantastic stories about your organization’s performance.

Support in decision making

With BI, strategic actions start with real data, in the interests of the customer and the company. Knowing the market and your business makes decision making and risk analysis easier.

Native reports from your application

Develop reports natively in your application, which improves the accuracy of information and generation of insights.

Improved KPIs

Consolidating information to understand where the greatest effort should be made is made easy with BI.

A strategic partner for Business Intelligence

Microsoft Partner Network - Gold
AWS Partner Network
Google Cloud Partner

We were one of the first Microsoft partners in Latin America to receive an Advanced Specialization on Analytics

Advanced Specialization is a certification focused on the organization, and aims to demonstrate the experience, success and partnership with Microsoft in specific workloads.

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